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M923 Series Vehicles
M923 Series — 5-Ton, 6X6, Diesel Cargo Trucks
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Several vehicles in stock
as of Jan 2009.

M923 / "5-Ton" Vehicles
priced from $14,500 up
quantity discounts available

Schott's has a large inventory of 5-ton, 6X6, M923 & M927 series cargo trucks. In stock are hard-top, soft-top, standard bed, or extended cargo body styles. Many models are equipped with a PTO winch.

The 923 series vehicles are an improved version of the M813 series. The improvements make the M923 series more reliable and easier to operate. The major improvements relate to the addition of an automatic transmission and improvements to the power steering, electrical, cooling, and a new style of tilt hood.

The M923 vehicles in stock were manufactured between 1984-1986 and have been equipped with an updated ISO drop-side bed which features high drop-sides. Average mileage is less than 30,000 miles. The overall condition of current vehicles range from running to military recon condition. Technical data is below.

Typical Vehicle Configurations

M923 / M925 - Regular Body Style

The M923/M925 series cargo vehicles are designed to transport payloads up to 20,000 pounds on the highway and 10,000 cross-country. The M925 is configured with a winch. The drop-side cargo area provides 550 cubic feet of space. The hinged steel sides fold down and out of the way for loading and unloading operations.

M927 / M928 - Long Body Style

The M927 is essentially the same vehicle as the M923, but equipped with a larger cargo bed (72" longer). This vehicle is specifically designed to transport loads that require more space per pound. The drop-side cargo area provides 744 cubic feet of cargo space.

Technical Data

The M923 series cargo trucks are equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission and a high/low transfer case that provides 10 overall speed ranges. These vehicles will climb road grades up to 34 degrees. The vehicles will ford hard bottom water crossings up to 30 inches without a deep water fording kit and 78 inches with the kit.

Brake Horsepower

Fuel Capacity
Winch Capacity (if equipped)
Diesel, naturally aspirated, liquid cooled
6 (in-line)
250 Gross @ 2100 rpm

350 mi
81 gal
20,000 lb
Regular Body Style
Long Body Style

Bed Size
Max. Payload
Max. Towed Load

Length (add 15" for winch)
Wheel Base

Weight (GVW)

7' X 14'



7' X 20'


Recommended Operating Speeds
Transmission Range Selection Transfer Case Range Selection
"L" Low Range "H" High Range
"R" (reverse) 5 mph 5 mph
"1" (first) 5 mph 12 mph
"1-2" (second) 10 mph 25 mph
"1-3" (third) 13 mph 33 mph
"1-4" (fourth) 17 mph 43 mph
"1-5" (drive) 22 mph 54 mph

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Auburn, ME 04210
Phone: (207) 754-9868
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