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Some of Schotts HMMV's staged for train loading at the Yermo Annex in California.
For more information about our vehicles, please contact us.

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Purchasing A Military Vehicle
Schotts wants to sell you a vehicle. The following are general guidelines regarding vehicle sales.
  • Schotts sells complete military vehicles - not parts of vehicles. "We don't sell parts."
  • All units sold for off-road-use only.
  • All vehicles have military form 97 (gov title).
  • Individual vehicle prices are not negotiable - the quoted price is not inflated for "bargaining".
  • A selection of vehicles are available for inspection and sale at Schott's.
  • With a $1000.00 cash deposit, we will escort you to pick out your personal vehicle from our inventory. The storage annex is located eight miles away.

PO BOX 9340
Auburn, ME 04210
Phone: (207) 754-9868
Phone: (207) 754-3630